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PancakeSwap October 26th Weekly Security Report

· 4 min read
Sebastian Lim


The information provided through the BNB Chain community does not constitute advice or recommendation for investment or trading. Projects are listed in no particular order below. BNB Chain does not take responsibility for any of your investment decisions. Please seek professional advice before taking financial risks.

Contract names are there for reference only, there may be legitimate contracts which share the same name, always double check The contract addresses which are the unique identifier of any smart contract.


PancakeSwap is the most popular decentralized exchange native to BNB Chain. You can swap tokens, invest in yield farms and liquidity pools, and buy and sell collectibles. It is part of the ever-growing world of decentralized finance protocols.

PancakeSwap stands tall as the flagship DeFi platform within the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem, however, risks exist in every DEX and blockchain ecosystem. HashDit diligently checks projects every week to identify potential threats within the PancakeSwap landscape, ensuring your trading experience is protected. Consider HashDit as a trusted guide that helps you navigate in DeFi by highlighting potential hazards and keeping your journey secure. Remember, vigilance and a proactive approach are vital for a safe and successful DeFi experience.

High Risk TVL protocol on PCS

In this week's report, there were 29 newly identified risky addresses. Trending newly identified risky addresses:

AddressContractNameWeekly Active Transactions
0x71c20e781c623c022134713ef7f78aacf0109849META WORLD (MGC)734
0xfaf18e53f52122085a8743e2bfb324c0577b98b5UBKX (UBKX)635
0x4ffa143ce16a24215e8df96c0cef5677a7b91ee4REGENT COIN (REGENT)505
0xf99f2aec50adfde23cc67ab6240168b0a59f1d30IVY (IVY)327
0x641ec142e67ab213539815f67e4276975c2f8d50DogeKing (DogeKing)87
0x317c8971d88e749504cef345fbc69c65258501dbEternal World (ETL)72
0x92dd5b17bdacbbe3868a09be5a3df93032c29ddbKubic (KUBIC)51
0x7d18f3fe6e638fad0adacc5db1a47f871a2c2cc4dollarmoon (Dmoon)34
0x42269ac712372ac89a158ad5a32806c6b6782d66Vip Panda Community (VPC)28
0x0ebc30459551858e81306d583025d12c7d795fa2Amazing doge (Adoge)19

Key themes on high risks:

  1. 1 theme for these contracts is that they have a privileged role, e.g owner is an EOA, which could mean some centralization risk as the owner can mint or toggle honeypot mode at will, so there could be rugpull risk. This portion represents 31% of the total newly identified risky addresses.

  2. About one-quarter of the newly identified risky addresses (24%) were through threat intelligence. These addresses are either confirmed rugpulls (project has already removed rugged) or scam tokens that have high risk of rugs.

  3. Another theme for these contracts is that they showed scam features. This means that it could be a Ponzi, Honeypot or fake token. This portion represents 13% of the total newly identified risky addresses.

Refer to this link for the full list.

Tip: Filter by Top_TVL_Risky_Pool / Trending_Risky_Pool / Trending_Risky_Tokens to retrieve the risky addresses from different sources.

Integrations with PancakeSwap

Hashdit has partnered with PancakeSwap to integrate the DappBay’s Red Alarm. The risk score level reflects how risky the interacted token is, helping users make better informed decisions.

Example: Fake Circle Token - 0x84ef2e2e977062da3cfc12c038fa3ce2d42d01b1 IMG-1

The RedAlarm keyword will link to the risk scanner as seen in the image below. IMG-2

Please take note that the risk level in Pancake & Risk Scanner might be different, because Hashdit use more conservative strategies for PancakeSwap than DappBay risk scanner.


Stay Safe!

HashDit advises you to act with caution in general, but ask that you take particular care when dealing with the projects we highlight as risky on our weekly update. Continue enjoying the BNBChain ecosystem and most importantly, stay SAFU!

About HashDit?

HashDit is building a safe blockchain ecosystem on BNB Chain by providing threat intelligence, code auditing and instant analysis for smart contracts. In the vast and ever-evolving world of Defi investing, HashDit stands as a beacon of trust and knowledge for everyday investors. HashDit is a member of AvengerDAO, which is a community-driven initiative created to protect users and projects on BNB Chain from malicious actors and activity.