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Risk Level Description (short)

5 Significant Risk

  • The address contains significant risk factors that can highly lead to catastrophic losses of funds.

4 High Risk

  • The address contains high risk factors that can potentially lead to partial loss of funds, or medium to lower chance of catastrophic losses.

3 Medium Risk

  • The contracts in the address are either improperly configured or contain medium risk factors that may lead to some direct / indirect impact of funds.

2 Low Risk

  • The address contains some information that needs to be taken care of as some information may indicate potential risks that can lead to indirect impacts of funds.

1 Some Risk

  • Although no obvious risk is found in the address, it is not guaranteed that there is 100% no risk for the address as the project can still fail or the token price can go down under natural market forces.

0 Very Low Risk

  • The address contains no obvious risks, and is either under Binance-official projects, or is well-known with high community credibility that has passed the test of time.