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dApp URL Anlaysis API

X-Signature-appidAppid, unique code
X-Signature-timestampTimestamp, millisecond
X-Signature-nonceRandom uuid, replace “-” with “”,32 byte length
X-Signature-signatureSignature,lowercase,check below for sign details


urlYesStringUrl or Domain


codeNoString00001:verify signature error
> appid, timestamp, nonce, signature headers can not be null or empty
> nonce is illegal
> timestamp has illegal
> timestamp is expired
> invalid appid
> appid has expired
> invalid signature
> replay request
> app is out of count limit
00002:unknown server error occurred during verifying signature
00003:unknown server error occurred during detection
data.request_idNoStringUnique request id
data.has_resultNoBooleanWhether there is already a definite result, if False it needs to be requested in [polling_interval] million seconds
data.polling_intervalYesLongRecommended waiting time(million seconds) to the next repeat request. seconds
data.risk_levelYesInteger-1: Invalid
0: Very Low Risk
1: Some Risk
2: Low Risk
3: Medium Risk
4: High Risk
5: Significant Risk
data.risk_detailYesStringSee Risk Detail
"name": "scam_report",
"value": "The website has been reported to convince victims to send assets for items that look legitimate."
"name": "threat_researcher",
"value": "The website is referenced in reports by threat researchers."

Risk Detail

The risk_detail will comprise of an array of objects, the object contain the following fields name : name of the check. value: check result

scam_reportThe website has been reported to convince victims to send assets for items that look legitimate.
risk_reportThe website has been reported as risky.
phishing_reportThe website has been reported to be phishing lures.
threat_researcherThe website is referenced in reports by threat researchers.
spam_researcherThe website is linked with Adware, Spam, and/or other unwanted content.
similarity_detectionThe website name or content matches a potential typosquatting target domain with an existing similarity pattern.
malware_detectionThe website was distributed or was connected to malware.
phishing_detectionThe website is convicted as malicious by technical analysis.
creation_time_verificationThe website creation time is very recent (X days).
owner_verificationThe owner of the website name is hidden.
The owner of the website name is risky.
expiration_time_verification"Short life expectancy website(X days left).
The website is expired.